Hours of power outages in Aden increase as oil crisis escalates

Hours of power outages in Aden increase as oil crisis escalates

Aden, the interim capital in the south of the country, is experiencing a severe crisis in oil derivatives in conjunction with the doubling of the number of hours of power outages in the coastal city, and the absence of any solutions by the internationally recognized government and the de facto authority represented by the Southern Transitional Council, which imposes Control of Aden since August 10.

A source at Aden Refineries told Al-Masdar Online that government solutions to the oil derivatives crisis in Aden are still absent as the powers of government authorities in service facilities have been reduced following the transitional takeover of Aden.

The source added that the control of the UAE-backed council on all government facilities and oil companies and refineries in the city of Aden, made the legitimate government that became outside the city deal that it is not responsible for the provision of services, especially electricity, pointing out that the council yesterday bought an urgent 10,000 metric tons shipment of electricity fuel from a local trader, but he said it is expected to last only a few days.

On Monday, one of the ships was seen docking near the oil port west of Aden, and sources talked about the arrival of a batch of oil derivatives to start pumping to the main power plants, but a source in the Aden refineries company said that the shipment of diesel that was on board the ship follows one of the traders of oil derivatives for local market.

A city is plunged into darkness as the  city rises.

Local residents told Al-Masdar Online that the Southern Transitional Council's control of service facilities in Aden has hampered the work of government agencies and led to an escalation of the council's criticism campaign at a time when the city is experiencing power and oil derivatives crises.


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