The Saudi defense vows Houthis with resolute response

The Saudi Defense Ministry vowed , the Houthis ' militia, with a firm response after the missile bombardment of Abha International Airport, southwest of the kingdom, on Wednesday.

Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman said in tweets through his Twitter account that the targeting of a civilian airport by the militia is an abuse that shows the world the enormity of the Iranian escalation to damage the security and stability of the region.

"Resolute deterrence will be taken to confront these terrorist militias and I affirm that we will deter anyone who attempts to undermine our security and interests, while adhering to all international laws and customary rules in order to preserve the security and stability of the region," he said.

Khalid bin Salman added: "40 years ago, the Iranian regime is messing with our region, making death, spreading chaos and destruction, sponsoring terrorism and financing terrorists, including the Houthi militia.. "The international community and all States calling for international peace and security must carry out their duties to stop these dangerous practices, which may lead to dire consequences."

Al-Houthi militias, through their group media outlets, announced the targeting of Abha airport early Wednesday at dawn with a cruise missile, and the missile hit its target accurately.

According to an Arab coalition statement, the shelling resulted in 26 civilian passengers and different nationalities, including three women (Yemeni, Indian, Saudi) and two Saudi children, of which 8 were transferred to the hospital for treatment for moderate injuries, and 18 of them were treated at the site, and having some physical damage to the terminal  ".


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