Remnants of "Abu Al Abbas " cut Taiz Aden Road for second consecutive day

Remnants of "Abu Al Abbas " cut Taiz Aden Road for second consecutive day

The remnants of the so-called Abu al-Abbas brigades, which are militarily disbanded, continue to cut off the only line between Taiz city and the interim capital of Aden for the second consecutive day.

A military source told Al-Masdar online that the dissolved Abu Abbas brigades continued to cut off the highway near the al-Kalaiba area of Al-Misrakh Directorate for the second consecutive day, refusing to open the line to citizens.

The cutting of the line has caused more difficulties to the movement of passengers and commercial trucks as a result of their use of dirt sub-roads to avoid preventing their movements to and from Taiz city.

The line cutters demand that their salaries be paid through the old mechanisms, which were followed before the decision of the Taiz leadership to disband the battalions definitively, and that they are afraid of being arrested and liquidated once they enter the city of Taiz to receive their salaries.

It is noteworthy that the leadership of the Taiz axis dissolved Abu al-Abbas Brigades, and renamed it (Support Battalion), and kept it within the 35th Armored Brigade, appointed Colonel Mohamed Salam al-Sendeed as its commander, and disbursed the salaries of all the individuals who joined the new formation.

The Axis command also left the door open for the remaining members of the Abu al-Abbas brigades to join the new configuration, and provided guarantees to individuals not involved in the murders by not arresting or allowing them to be abused.

The remnants of the Abu al-Abbas brigades are stationed in the Al-kdahah region and the Byrin market in the al-Ma'afer district, south of Taiz province, since they left the city after a fierce confrontations between them and security forces


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